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Supply & Installation of AV Solutions

Interactive Boards & LED Screens


We offer great deals on supply and installation services of interactive white boards and latest high performance interactive LED screens seamless teaching tool with limitless possibilities for schools. We offer the market leading touchscreens, from SMART, Clevertouch, BenQ , Promethean & CTouch Screens. We offer an impartial approach to schools to decide right solution within your budget & timescale. We also provide a comprehensive, custom training service to get you up to speed with the latest software and hardware.


We can supply and install all the audio-visual equipment that you need to transform your school hall. A quality audio system will provide a professional sounding solution for school assembly or an end of year concert. A great sounding system makes all the difference of children performance.


We can install a wide range of bright projectors, which can handle full HD signals and provide a range of connectivity options. We can also provide projection screens at custom sizes.

If you are interested in arranging audio visual installations from our experienced engineers, contact

Supply and installation services of Interactive Whiteboards (Smartboard & Promethean Boards)


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