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Why Choose Outstanding Technologies Ltd?

Technical Support Services

Outstanding Technologies is an ICT Service provider to schools and small businesses in London. We aim to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for our customers offering everything related to IT.


We are a team of highly skilled Information & Communication Technology (ICT) professionals with significant experience of working in and delivering ICT services to schools. Our aim is to provide a quality and cost effective service to your school for all of your ICT requirements.

Our technical support service provides support for your entire Administrative and Curriculum IT network. All our Technicians are qualified systems engineers and have many years’ experience of working in schools on both administrative and curriculum systems.


Our Technical support team enjoys an excellent reputation within schools. Our team has also specialised in installing and supporting Ranger Primary, which we have configured and installed on many school curriculum networks. We also specialise in supporting and configuring RM CC3/4, RM Ranger, Viglen curriculum systems, as well as plain Microsoft Server 2003/2008/2012 R2 networks. We also supply installation and Maintenance of Servers, Computers, Printers, AV Equipment, Data cabling & Customised IT Furniture.

We have built a very good reputation with both our customers and suppliers and can offer you a professional and worry free service.  We can also customise the frequency of the schedule to suit your school's needs. Why not contact us today to see how we can help your school!

On-site visits

At Outstanding Technologies, we recognise that in many schools, the ICT Coordinator spends a lot of their time ensuring that minor technical routines (such as loading of software) is undertaken on the curriculum systems. More often than not, a basic routine can take a long time to complete, which can have an impact on the amount of quality time spent on planning and teaching lessons.


On-site Technical Support Service entitles your school to receive a guaranteed fortnightly or weekly visit from one of our qualified technicians. The same Technician will visit your school each time, thus ensuring a specific knowledge and expertise of your curriculum infrastructure is gained by our staff.


The work programme that the technician follows on each visit will be decided by your school. We provide a ‘Schedule of Work’ document for schools to complete before the scheduled visit in which your school will be required to enter all items of work that need to be carried out. You prioritise the schedule so that the most important work gets carried out first.


This ensures that both you and our technician have a clear plan of what work will need to undertaken on each visit. At the end of each scheduled visit, the work document will be checked and signed off by a designated member of staff and kept in a log book at the school.


Examples of work undertaken include installation of software, installing desktop PCs, printers, laptops, updating anti-virus software, backup management, fault tolerance checking, desktop and server performance checks, replacement of hard disks, memory upgrades, problem resolution, and general advice and guidance.

Standard Support


Our basic level of technical support provides support to those schools that require basic support for both their curriculum network systems and the admin (office) network systems. This option is suited to those schools that already have a technician employed by the school.


When the school technician isn’t able to resolve a problem themselves, they can call us for advice and book an appointment for one of our technicians to visit if necessary. We aim to give you an appointment within 3 working days of your call, although in many cases it is sooner than this.


The appointments can be for anything you like, including:


  • Installation of hardware

  • Installation of software

  • Auditing your IT equipment

  • Quick response and resolution time of fault calls

  • Appropriate advice for your hardware refresh programme

  • Procurement of any agreed hardware and software

  • Implementation of automated backup routines

  • Implementation of anti-virus software on all designated desktops

  • Guidance in respect of housekeeping procedures

  • Installation and upgrades of all supported software packages including Windows, email, backup software, anti-virus software

  • Support for network file servers, LGfL configuration and broadband connectivity

Consultancy & Project Management (Only During School holidays)

When your school requires a major installation of hardware and software we can project manage the work on your behalf. Examples of this include:

  • Installation of servers

  • Installation of more than 5 PCs or laptops at any one time

  • Installation of 4 or more interactive whiteboard and projector packages

  • Decommissioning of old hardware ready for disposal

  • Any other IT related project that requires management or co-ordination with a number of suppliers or building contractors.

  • Complete refurbishment of the school IT suite/New class rooms

    • Design, Specification and Installations including ICT Suite Desking . Teacher Desk and Chairs.

    • New Data  cabling, Power installation by fully qualified  engineers

    • Comms Cabinets, Switches and Patch Panel Installation

    • Interactive Whiteboard  and Projector Installation

    • Supply and installation of  New Desktops  PCs.  


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