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Business IT Support

Our aim is to provide the best technical support service to your business as possible. We provide two standard levels of support to suit your needs and budget.

All our engineers are qualified and have many years’ experience of working in a small business environment using a variety of systems.

Pay-As-You-Go Technical Support

Are you looking for support from an experienced and professional company, without being tied into a contract? Our Pay-As-You-Go Technical Support service is the answer you have been looking for. No contracts, no tie-ins, just helpful technical support as you need it.


How Does it Work?

Follow these two easy steps:

1. Contact us with details of the problem.

2. An engineer can visit you at your premises for only £65 per hour.


Contract Based Technical Support

For those businesses that have a larger ICT estate we offer different levels of support suited to your particular business' requirements. From a ‘ring-and-reserve' service where you call and book a visit as and when required, to a scheduled weekly or fortnightly visit where you are a guaranteed a visit from a technician on the same day every week or fortnight.

Contact us for a free, no obligation quote!

Regardless of the level of service you require, you manage the work that the technician does on the visit, thereby freeing your valuable time to concentrate on your business. Our technicians have an in depth knowledge of Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft Windows 10/7 operating systems as well as broadband and network infrastructures.

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